I was born and raised in a semi-small town called Jönköping in Sweden. Growing up I always loved putting together outfits and dressing up my little brother and my Barbie dolls - so I guess I’ve always had a huge interest in style and fashion. My husband and I met each other through our good friends, who met on a denim hashtag on twitter, we talked over FaceTime for 1,5 month before he came to visit me in Stockholm, and ever since that day, January 2 2014, we’ve been together! He met my parents the day after he met me.. haha!
I guess this is what you call you know when you know.

After we got married in 2015, I moved to the states. We lived in his hometown Oklahoma City for almost two years before we moved to Nashville, TN, where we live now. I work part-time as social media manager and stay home with our daughter, and my husband is a music producer and works from home as well, and we are so thankful to spend so much time together all three of us. Life pretty much feels perfect, and I love living here in the states - but I just wish I could have my family and friends around!

On this blog I want to share things that I love to share about; fashion, home (we are buying our first home here in Nashville spring 2019!), consciously living with essential oils, travel (will be mostly Sweden/Europe and Nashville - my two homes) and the honest side of motherhood.

I hope you’ll love it!



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