I am a 28 year old mama who left Ikea land for the states in 2015. My husband and I met each other through mutual friends who met over a denim hashtag on Twitter (by the way, they are also now married). After a month of facetime calls and staying up way to late in the nights due to the time difference, Austin came over to meet me in Stockholm and it has been us ever since! He even met my parents on his 3 day trip so I guess we just knew.. haha! We got engaged six months later and got married in 2015, and after the longest Visa process I finally moved to Oklahoma a few months after our wedding (so yes, we started our marriage being apart. Yay!)

Austin is in the music business (CCM/pop) so it was just a natural move (hehe) for us to relocate to Nashville. We moved when I was 20 weeks pregnant and love this city. Ivy was born in September of 2017 and although it started rough with a long postpartum depression, she is the biggest light and joy in our lives!! I started using essential oils after we had Ivy and we slowly started integrating them into our lifestyle, and now we use them every single day to support emotions, sleep, our immune systems and health! I also like to share about style/fashion, the honest sides of motherhood, and home/interior.

I have blogged since 2007 and after blogging for the Swedish parenting magazine Mama.nu, I decided to move to my own platform instead! I hope you guys like it!

Photo by  Maddie Broderick