I get this question a lot, and I’m planning on making a little IG story or IGTV showing you guys how I do! But in the meantime, I use the Tezza presets, and I have the “Classic” pack. I think I’ve used TZ01 or TZ03 as base, and then tweaked them to fit my style. I can highly recommend these presets, or my friends Sabrina or Bethany who also make amazing preset packs (these are also more affordable and you also get more presets in their packs!!)

what do you miss most about sweden?

My friends and family most of all - of course. I wish I could have them here too! Other than that,I miss that you can walk literally everywhere, the nature, Swedish chocolate and sour milk - Just to name a few!

what are your go-to places to shop clothes?

I’m not super fancy here, I mostly shop online at Zara, & Other Stories, Mango, Anine Bing and H&M. I also like Asos, Free People, Monki, Gina Tricot and Weekday!


How can i Buy Essential oils?

Either reach out to me via the contact form on my website, or just follow this link where I’ve made a step by step guide to get a starter kit! Or, if you don’t need a guide to sign up, you can just head straight to the website through this link (make sure my enroller number 16634355 is entered in both fields!)

Do i need to sell essential oils if i buy a kit?

No, no and NO! There is never any pressure from anyone to sell! I’ll always let you know there’s an opportunity to do it, but I’ll leave it there so you can decide if that’s something you want to do. But I will say - I’ve had people on my team start selling oils after they discovered how amazing they were and how well they worked for them. It’s an opportunity to work towards residual income, and I would never ever not do this business! So glad I said yes to this.

Why do you use essential oils?

First time I bought from Young Living was oils to support during labor. I diffused Gentle Baby in the room and I swear that’s what helped me stay so calm during my crazy labor. Then later I got oils because I wanted a natural bug repellent, and then I finally got my starter kit after I had started being more aware of the products we used in our home and how bad they were, especially considering we now had a baby.

I use Young Living specifically because they have a Seed to Seal guarantee which means Young Living controls the process of making their oils from the planting of the seeds to the time each batch is bottled up. They own their own farms or work with partner farms to keep highest standard. Young Living also has the largest assortment of essential oils, and have been in the business longer than any other company. Today we use essential oils daily both aromatically (diffusing), topically (on our bodies) and internally (in drinks, food or just “neat”!) to support emotions, immune system, sleep, digestion, and much more. We also use them to clean our house and love it! Working towards lessen the amount of toxic chemicals we use in our home!